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A Corner Summer House can be a great addition to your garden utilising spaces other designs cannot especially in small gardens where space needs to be used to the maximum. On we are not a link sight that justs lists other peoples buildings (like another Corner Summer House website), we manufacture our own Corner Summer Houses.

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About Corner Summer Houses...

Some of our Corner Summer House designs...

Here at Corner Summer Houses... we only supply Garden Buildings that are designed to fit nicely into any Corner space. However although designed as a Corner Summer House they still look fantastic anywhere in the garden or whatever area you have. A Corner Summer House is also a good space saver in a small garden, utilising a sometimes hard to use or wasted part and making it more attractive at the same time.

Uses of a Corner Summer House... have become more diverse as people are realising the potential of their gardens. For instance with working from home becoming an increasing trend a Summer House that is lined and insulated then turns into a Corner Garden Office. Perhaps a Corner Summer House with large windows or a lot of windows which lets plenty of light in could be used as an art studio or even a pretty potting shed. There are other uses too like a gym, storage space, Garden Room, a pretty shed, in fact you could use a Corner Summer House for virtually anything that another Garden Building could be used for.

Corner Summer House Shapes... can vary but in general should fit neatly into the space you have. The best shapes for a Corner Summer house, in our opinion, are ones that have a right angle in at least one corner. This might sound obvious but some companies sell hexagonal or octagonal buildings as Corner Summer Houses when these shapes do not fit neatly into a corner. Better designs are L Shaped or have a 45 degree angle across 2 of the sides where the doors are placed giving a more natural look.

Corner Summer Houses can be placed anywhere... not just in corners creating an added feature to your garden. They are a versatile building and with a little imagination you can make an ordinary garden look spectacular. Some ideas we have had are to put the building away from a corner and behind it have a seating area to relax in or perhaps a secret garden out of the main view of your house.

Customising a Corner Summer House... is a great way of making it perfect for you. Normally the first option is the colour and this is the easist way of personalising your building and making it different from others. There are a great number of treatments available now in many ranges of colours and as you can see from the pictures to the right painting the doors and windows in a contasting colour to the walls can look fantastic. We have produced Corner Summer Houses in many colour schemes including black and red for a Chinese style garden, White for a clean contemporary look and even pink. You could also put in plants, hanging baskets, pots, ornaments and lights or a combination of all of these.

Corner Summer Houses Under 2.5 metres HighPlanning Permission... is not normally required with our Corner Summer Houses as they are under 2.5 metres tall at the ridge. There are obviously some exeptions like Conservation Areas etc but where normal rules apply you not have to get planning consent.

French Corner Summer House Cream

The Corner Summer House

The French Corner Summer House... The Corner Summer House...

2 Door Corner Summer House  Bespoke Corner Summer Houses
The 2 Door Corner Summer House... Bespoke Corner Summer Houses...

The Corner Cottage Summer House The Modern Corner Summer House
The Corner Cottage Summer House... The Modern Corner Summer House...

Making Changes to your Corner Summer HouseYou Can Make Changes... we realise that not eveyone wants the same thing when it comes to a Corner Summer House and their design, that's why with our buildings you can make alterations to get exactly the building you want. These changes may be colour schemes or things like window and door positions and exact measurements to fit a space you have.

Corner Summer Houses BasesWe are now offering base preperation... in certain areas we can now install our new base system that fits the exact footprint of your building. This design can be fitted on uneaven or slightly sloping ground and in hard to access places.. Contact us for details...

Have you seen some of our other buildings... We also manufacture other styles of Summer Houses... below is just a selection  ... if you would like to see more designs please visit... Summer Houses UK
The Bungalow Summer House The Lodge Summer House The Alfresco Summer House The Chateax Summer House
The Bungalow... an L shaped Summer House The Lodge... with a recessed front porch The Alfresco... with 3 sets of doors The Chateax... with french opening windows

A Corner Summer House... is something you can enjoy all year round and in all weathers, they are great in the Summer when the sun is shining and a place to go to stay warm and dry when it's cold or raining and still enjoy your garden. They are very versatile and as previously mentioned fill spaces other buildings can't. There are lots of things you can do to personalise and make your Corner Summer House just right for you, your garden or your personality. We believe there is a Corner Summer House out there for everyone.

We also Build Bespoke Corner Summer Houses... so if you are looking for something a little different to what you see here or want a Corner Summer House to your exact requirements then contact us with what you require and we can price it for you..